Quickies: Stories for Adults

Smut. Pulp. Dirt. Filth. The twitch of curtains. The starched flick of petticoats. The slow dance of couples undressing. Scandal. Intrigue. Forbidden passions. Love. Lust. Fidelity. Infidelity. Lies. Truth. Unrequited longings. Happy marriages. Broken promises. Strange fantasies. Quickies: Stories for Adults is a collection of stories, each no longer than 400 words, that catch humanity in the act and report back what they see.

We are pleased to announce the birth of our first anthology. Quickies: Stories for Adults will be launched on September 28th as part of this year’s Didsbury Arts Festival. More details will be revealed soon, layer by layer until the truth is laid bare.

The collection will include work by the FlashTag writers, pieces that have been specially commissioned from established writers, and successful contributions from our open submissions process. All the stories in the collection are no longer than 400 words, with sex or human relationships as some sort of over-riding theme. Because the anthology is called Quickies. Because flash fiction can be read in a short amount of time… so quickies… and quickies means sex, get it, get it.

Clever isn’t it?

Submissions for our first anthology, Quickies: Stories for Adults, are now closed. Sorry about that. Many thanks to everyone who sent us a contribution. Judging is now in progress and we’ll let you know shortly if your smut has met with our approval.



We will be appearing, reading our stories, at Apotheca on Sunday as part of the Bad Language at Oxfam Bookfest event. The event will also feature readings by the very talented Bad Language writers, Dan Carpenter, Nicola West and Joe Daly, and will be headlined by Fergus Evans.

It all starts at 7:30. £3 on the door.

See you there.