The 2012 Shortlist

A little insight into the judging process of our competition. Five writers, also bloggers, each with their own bag of opinions, emotions, and fragrances read 66 stories, twice, three times perhaps, and then argue fiercely with each other to whittle those 66 to a measly 8. This is equally the most exciting and the most straining time for the five of us; each of us right, all of us wrong, none of us willing to relent, all of us backing down to the others. And somewhere out of that maelstrom of maniacs comes a shortlist upon which we finally agree and 3 empty pizza boxes. And then we look upon the eight and we see that they are good. And we look upon the other 58 and realise that they are also good, so we turn away and look at the pizza boxes, realise they are also good and before you know it we are handing out prizes to pepperoni and eating reams and reams of flash fiction. After hours of this something snaps. A light turns on and we stop.

And then we regurgitate.

And so, ladies and gentleman, out of five conflicting opinions, in alphabetical order, comes the 2012 Chorlton Arts Festival #Flashtag Flash Fiction Competition shortlist;

Battery by Dan Carpenter

Betty by Kerry Slater

Bit Flood by Norman Hadley

Daguerreotype by James Smart

Know Your Onions by Sarah Schofield

Tarnished by Rachel Green

Two Swans by Clare Kirwan

Walls by Laura Maley

Our winners will be announced at our Chorlton Arts Festival live event which takes place on the 23rd May at The Beech Inn, Beech Road, Chorlton. There will be readings from the shortlistees, fun, games and readings from the five of us lot too. If we can make up with each other by then. You see what you’ve done you brilliant, brilliant writers?


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