The Shortlist 2013

Well hello. We’ve bished, we’ve boshed, we’ve bashed. We’ve taken the stories you sent us and picked apart every single individual letter to find our favourites and, inevitably, all five of us rocked up with different favourites. Seriously. Happens every year. So we bish, bash, boshed it all out and agreed on our tip-top eight. And here, ladyfowls and gentlecocks, are those 8 arranged alphabetically by story title:

Let the Librarian Hold the Book by Allie Rogers

Looking for an Astrolabe by Michael Conley

Nothing Left Behind by Dale Lately

Occasional by Clare Kirwan

Pins and Needles by Guy Garrud

The Clockman by Cathy Lennon

The Girl Who Lived on a Bus Stop by Sarah Butler

This Kitten I Knew by Simon Sylvester

Congratulations Allie, Michael, Dale, Clare, Guy, Cathy, Sarah & Simon! BUT – who has won? You don’t find out, not yet. We will announce the magnificent winner at our glittering Chorlton Arts Festival event on Wednesday May 22nd at The Nook and Cranny in Chorlton. Come along to hear readings of all 8 shortlisted stories, as well as fresh floundering fictions from the Flashtag fivesome.

And if you didn’t make our shortlist this year, don’t be disheartened. We had a stupendously high calibre of stories and a horrible time whittling down to this final octagon of fiction. We say this every year, but if any one of us was a solitary judge for this competition the shortlist would be very different indeed.

So congratulations once again to our shortlisted authors, see you all in Chorlton on the 22nd.

Au revoir



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