Short Short Story Slam: The Post-War Blog Post

We’ve counted the dead and erected the monument in the memory of the slaughtered brain cells. Yes, we are all quite, quite hungover, but we are also very happy indeed with last night’s battling. Eleven hardy souls took to the stage at The Albert Club in Didsbury and bravely bashed and boshed through our cruel, cruel tournament of words. Eleven became seven became three in a mathematically confusing tussle, and one won the crowd and emerged the victor.

So congratulations again to Trish Starbrook – a true star. Trish had never performed on an open mic stage before last night and she left seasoned pros and published writers in her wake. A stunning victory.


Massive thanks are due to Didsbury Arts Festival for having us again, and to all our contestants: Joy France, Nija Dalal, Joe Daly, Stephen McGeagh, Abi Hynes, Sian Rathore, Zach Roddis, Hugo Lewkowicz, Lee Moore, & Michael Conley. You were all superb, you really were.

We also announced the winners of the Didsbury Arts Festival #DAF140 One Forty Competition, held on Twitter during the week running up to the festival. We had a great laugh judging these story tweets. We were stunned by the range of storytelling skills on show – its no mean feat telling a complete story in such a short space so well done one and all. Our winners get lovely book tokens courtesy of Didsbury Arts Festival:

3rd: @ClareKirwan (Clare Kirwan): We buried the dog in the garden, disturbing dahlias, soiling the patio, muddying the hall carpet. It’s what he would’ve wanted.

2nd: @SwiftTwit (Ralph Swift): He couldn’t shake the feeling he’d forgotten something, as he stepped out of the Batmobile, the wind ruffling his hair.

1st: @Clenpen (Cathy Lennon): She saw the ring in her dessert and squealed. Her dad shook his hand. He blanched and the waitress he’d groped looked on, smirking.

Congratulations Clare, Ralph and Cathy!

We will be back soon with more literature shenanigans. But for now; at ease, soldiers.


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