What’s Your Story, Chorley?

Performance and workshop

Catch us in Chorley on Saturday April 26 for What’s Your Story Chorley, a day of writing events run by Chorley Council and the Creative Network.

Performance12 noon: Chorley Interchange (Clifford Street)

The Flashtag Writers – a performance of their written work

The Manchester-based writing group presents strange and wonderful tales. Prepare to have your creative mind stretched, polished and tickled.

Workshop2pm: Upstairs at Chorley Library (Union Street)

The Flashtag Writers – Workshop and talk

The Manchester-based group will talk through their own writing experiences – and the skill of performing that writing. Promises to be great fun!

Do come along. Eyeball the full programme here (please note that despite the text on the 12 noon event, this one is a performance and not a talk as such).


Short Short Story Slam – One Week to Go

We’re back. And we are as bloodthirsty as ever


After our uproariously successful first Short Short Story Slam at the Didsbury Arts Festival last year, we have bashed our heads together again and we’re putting on another one. Twelve brave competitors have stepped forward to take the challenge and this time we are offering a tasty cash prize to the victor.

It’s all going down in the upstairs of Gullivers on Oldham Street, starting promptly at 7:30 on Thursday April 22. Just £1 in and you get to see the finest local talent duking it out with their lashes of lexicon, their whips of words, while you, the bloodthirsty audience, decides who lives and who dies.

It is basically the Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook of literature slams. Does it get any better than that?

Our contestants for this fight are:

Ros Ballinger, Ailish Breen, Joe Daly, Joy France, Abi Hynes, Thomas Jennings, Mark Powell, Mark Mace Smith, Trisha Starbrook, Sarah Stuart, Simon Sylvester, Geriant Thomas

Check out the Short Short Story Slam website for more details.

See you at the brawl.